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                                   WHY USE WILKERSON RETREADS?

1. Our Retreads Cost Less Initially.
Savings range from 25% to 300%!!
2. Retreads Yield More Landings.
All independent evaluations indicate that a retread outwears a new tire by 15-400%. Average regional
commuter airline retreads average 25-33% more landings. Average landing costs are less, as well as
the savings on costs of tire changes.
3. Retreads Have Been Proven Even Safer Than A New Tire.
Research conducted at the University of Michigan using the hydrostatic burst pressure test found that
worn tires tested 8 PSI higher than a new tire. One can conclude that a tire worn without failure,
carefully inspected, and properly retreaded is as strong and as safe as a new tire off the shelf.
4. Our Retreads Are Balanced To The Lowest Tolerances.
We balance all nose, new, and retreaded tires to -0-. In addition, we check the balance pad installation
of all new nose tires.
5. Retreading Is Friendly To The Environment.
Scrap tires represent one of the greatest problems to the U.S. environment in the 2000's. Retreading is
the best and most efficient method of recycling. Airlines have provided leadership in recycling of tires
for years as 85% of all aircraft tires in service are retreads.
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