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                         WE BUY WORN AIRCRAFT TIRE CASINGS

Size & Ply-----------------------------------------------Amount of Credit
15x600-6/6 ply only, no BFG-------------------------------5.00
700-6/ 8 ply----------------------------------------------------5.00
650-8/ 8 ply, no FCII----------------------------------------  5.00
650-10/8 BFG & Goodyear---------------------------------5.00
850-10/8 & 10 ply, TT & TL, BFG ------------------------ 8.00
18x5.5/8 & 10 Ply Goodyear only--------------------------8.00
Credits or payments are given toward casings that are inspected and found to be airworthy. Ex: no exposed
fabric, weather checking, or cracking. After inspection, you will receive a check or credit amount that may be
used toward any purchase of either new or retreaded tires. Should you have sizes that are not listed, please
call prior to shipping. You could possibly be charged a disposal fee of $ 2.00 per tire that is not within our
Guides for Shipping

1. Since you pay the freight to us, please use the most economical means for shipping. For smaller quantities
we suggest UPS GROUND; however, for larger quantities, UPS FREIGHT, Roadway, or Yellow  is best.

2. For UPS GROUND tires should be bundled or boxed.
For the trucking companies, tires should be shipped on pallets and shrink wrapped. Pallets should be
addressed  " WCO CREWE, VA". The truck bill of laden should be filled out as follows: USED SCRAP RUBBER

3. Be sure to enclose a packing slip with instructions on whether you wish to receive credit or a check and
information such as your name or company name, address, phone number, etc.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions that you may have or for any service that we may be able to


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