Serving the aircraft industry since 1966
Our expanded Retread Plant is one of the most modern in the World!
From the automated Cima Presses above to the Steinbichler Intact 1600 below; no one is
more up to the minute in Retread Technology!
Steinbichler Intact 1600
Reverse Thermal Pressure Chamber
The Steinbichler Intact 1600 is the latest and greatest
tire tester using shearography to detect anomalies and
separations within the carcass of the tire. When the
retread leaves Wilkerson; it is free of defects and ready
for safe and efficient operation when properly
Reverse Thermal Pressure Testing is a process that tests
aircraft tires for separations, air loss and to determine if the
vents are working. Unlike needle injection that many
retreaders utilize; Reverse Thermal Pressure Testing is
non-destructive (NDT).
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